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SIMZOR is a modern production company specialized in the production of binders for different types of binding in wine-growing, fruit cultivation and gardening.

In general, three main types of binders are used:

- BIO binder (100% degradable, environmentally-friendly)
- PVC binder (UV resistant, strong and persistent)
- PE plastic binder (quick and simple binding to the wire or poles

SIMZOR is one of the few manufacturers that produces all three types of binders.

We dedicate all our attention and energy to the development of our products, taking into account all the desires and requirements coming from the market. A broad sphere of users is familiar with our products; what they value most are their reliability and quality. Two of such such users are also the Agricultural Institute of Slovenia in Ljubljana and the Faculty of Agriculture and biosciences of Maribor, both of them being also our precious partners in the testing and development, as well as upgrading of our products.

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